My name is Sakita Holley

and I am the founder and CEO of House of Success PR.

From my very first job at McDonalds at age 14 (which I took very serious btw) till today, I have always been goal-oriented and driven. This constant pursuit of excellence and drive for more earned me the nickname “Miss Success” from my high school peers and an eventual vote as ‘Most Likely to Succeed;’ which if you take a close look at my life and career journey so far could easily translate to ‘most likely to do things the hard way.’

From overloading my schedule as a student-athlete at Howard University (because I convinced myself that I could graduate a semester early – why am I like this?!) to quitting my corporate job to launch my PR firm with no money, no savings and zero clients at 23, you can trust and believe that I’ve made my fair share of rookie mistakes and taken crazy leaps of faith that sometimes landed me straight on my face (*ouch*).

But through it all, I realized that my life and things in general are only hard when you don’t have the answers or know the best path forward.

Knowing that is what ultimately led me to launch The Sakita Method podcast (formerly known as Hashtags+Stilettos) in 2015. I wanted to share everything that I’ve learned in my life, career and as an entrepreneur to help you and anyone else listening avoid the same mistakes and pitfalls that I made and give you front row access to my conversations with other successful creatives, entrepreneurs and executives, with the hope that the information shared could help accelerate your growth process.

The actual Sakita Method manifesto and mindset dates back even further to 2011, when I posted a twitter thread sharing my best practices for creating your own luck in your career (read more about that here or listen to the podcast episode.)

So as you can see,

I’ve always been focused on pushing anyone in my orbit to be their best self and get the most out of life.

When I’m not podcasting, I lead the House of Success PR team in creating strategic PR and branding campaigns for a diverse group of clients that has included brands like the March of Dimes and Wendy Brandes Jewelry to beauty brands such as KinkyCurlyYaki, African Pride, Lottabody, Luster’s Pink, Motions, Heat Free Hair and more.

Prior to launching the firm, I held various roles on account teams at Prudential Financial, Ogilvy PR Worldwide, Jade Dressler Communications, The Britto Agency and national non-profit Rails-to-Trails Conservancy. I am also a former business and beauty writer for and UPTOWN Magazine. And I was named to the prestigious PRWeek 40 under 40 list in 2017.

Since this podcast’s debut in 2015, it has been a steady fixture on iTunes’ Top Business Podcasts chart (peaking at #11) and I have been featured by Essence Magazine, Black Enterprise, xoNecole, Women’s Biz Journals, BUST Magazine and more for my PR and business expertise.

The Sakita Method

1. Done is Better Than Perfect

As a recovering perfectionist, I’m here to tell you that your best ideas and work are meant to be shared with the world, so get it done and put it out there.

2. Skip HR and Stalk the CEO

Think of it like this: the HR department is the longest line at the grocery store. Why would you ever want to stand in that line? Find the CEO or another decision maker and start with them.

3. Shred Your Resume and Build a Personal Brand

A resume is just bullet points on a piece of paper and you’re so much more than that. Play to your strengths and use all available resources to build a name for yourself in your chosen field.

4. Pick the Company You Want to Work For, Don’t Let the Company Pick You

Only apply for jobs at companies where you actually want to work. Remember, you’re the CEO of your own career, the franchise player of your own life. The decision is always yours.

5. Part Time Effort, Yields Part-Time Results

Things aren’t always going to go your way. But if you keep moving forward and putting the time into your craft, you’ll eventually reach your goals.

6. If You Have a Unique POV, Share It

Share your expertise. Make people pay attention to you and soon the opportunities will flow.

7. Build Relationships (Networking Doesn’t Begin When You Need Something)

Networking works best when the focus is on building and nurturing mutually valuable connections instead of one-sided transactions.

8. Cancel Your Subscription to Mediocrity

Success requires both obsession and passion, so if you’re not passionate about a job, career or client, don’t do it because your lack of effort will be crystal clear to everyone watching.

9. Accept Responsibility for Where You Are

Life is a series of choices that lead you to where you are. This is not an indictment, just a reminder that you can always change your mind and subsequently, your life.

10. Pick Yourself and Create Your Own Opportunities

Don’t wait to be chosen. Choose yourself. First and always.

11. Bloom Where You’re Planted

All you need is a foot in the door. And if you’re as good as you say you are, once you’re inside, your work will speak for itself.



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